RGM3 – Israel Mezuzah



Gorgeous marbled olive wood features a front of blue and white glass. The Star of David is laser etched into brilliant dichroic glass in the center and a 24kt gold shin is at the top. Because, as Gary always believed, beauty is not enough, a portion of sales of this piece is donated to Magen David Adom (the Israeli Red Cross).

5.75″ x 1″ x1″


The Gary Rosenthal Collection stands with Israel and we are saddened by the horrific violence affecting so many in the region. Gary always believed that making art was a blessing, and using it for social action was a moral imperative. Moved by the destruction and suffering on all fronts, we have created a new mezuzah suffused with the spirit of Israel and affirming both the sanctity of life and the aspiration for peace.

This mezuzah is the first of our offerings to incorporate olive wood, first reference in the Torah in the story of Noah when a dove returned to the ark carrying an olive branch—a symbol of peace and restoration in the wake of immense devastation. To this day, “extending an olive branch” means to seek peace amidst a hostile situation. The top and bottom of our Israel mezuzah are set at an angle of 18 degrees—the numeric expression of the Hebrew word “Chai” meaning “life”.

We at GRC are proud to introduce this new creation to support Israel, peace, restoration, and the preservation of human life.


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